1. What is MoneyMakerMatrix?

MoneyMakerMatrix is an Educational and a Business-building Platform created by a group of online entrepreneurs to help others - newcomers to the industry and veterans alike - leverage a few dollars and a few hours of effort to build a life changing income through a Pay Plan that is uniquely designed for fast exponential growth from unlimited Income Centers created by our Members. 

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Yes, anyone can create a FREE Account at any time but to become eligible to earn any Matrix commissions and Matching Bonuses, you need to UPGRADE your Membership and become a fully qualified Affiliate/Advertiser by simply making a PLATFORM PACKAGE product purchase for just $5  (about 0.00075 BTC). 

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3. What is the purpose of The Booster Plan?

We understand that many potential members are struggling and so we created The Booster Plan to make entry into Triple-M as affordable as possible yet still provide the opportunity to earn a potentially unlimited income.

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4. What product or service do I receive for my purchase?

For your purchase, you have a Platform that will, not only, provide you and all those you refer, with the basic MLM EDUCATION & TRAINING that is so vital to understanding and profiting from the Network Marketing business model. You will be able to learn more about the various types of the most commonly used MLM COMPENSATION PLANS including their strengths, weaknesses and much more.

You will also have full access to our exclusive collection of PRIVATE LABEL RIGHTS products in addition to being able to create your very own information products any time you choose. Finally, you have a Platform with a most innovative and lucrative AFFILIATE PAY PLAN that will help you build a very dependable ongoing income. Everything has been designed to be easy t do even for the newcomers.

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5. On the registration Form, it shows REFERRER and also UPLINE SPONSOR. Exactly what is the difference?

REFERRER simply means whoever invited you to MoneyMakerMatrix. Your REFERRER is the one who will earn the 100% Matching Bonus on your Matrix earnings. UPLINE SPONSOR simply means the upline Member who you will fall under.

Example: You were invited by globalbtc who is your REFERRER. The System has assigned your placement under johnd as your Upline Sponsor

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6. Can I Really Create Any Number Of Affiliate Accounts with Triple-M?

YES, absolutely! Having been in this industry for a while, we identified one of the major problems Affiliates face to be LACK OF DYNAMIC DOWNLINE GROWTH. For that reason we decided to allow MULTIPLE POSITIONS to be created my any member at any time. This does two things to Network:

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7. Is The $5 or $20 A Monthly Expense?

No, Our pay plan has No Monthly Cost, it's based on a Quarterly Membership. The $5 can be a ONE TIME out-of-pocket expense depending on the growth of the network under you. It is our intention to help every Member of Triple-M to get into profit as quickly as possible so that no-one has to ever dip back into their pocket to make their membership payment.

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8. How Can Unlimited Multiple Accounts Spur Downline & Income Growth?

Allowing Multiple Accounts does TWO important things:
===> It creates major SPILLOVER & SPILL-UNDER as both Members from the Upline & Downline create new Income Centers (Positions)
===> It allows Members to literally have NO LIMITS to what they can earn. That is the true power of allowing members to create unlimited Multiple Accounts


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9. Can You Please Explain How I Can Take Full Advantage Of This Feature To Maximize The Income That I Can Earn.

You can start with ONE Booster Position for just $5 and earn $20 from the Booster Plan to upgrade and activate ONE VIP Income Center or you can start with multiple Booster Positions. Let's say 3 for $15 or 7 Booster Positions for only $35. Each Booster Position will eventually mature into a VIP Income Center with potential earnings of up to $2500.

NO LIMIT to the number of Booster Position you can have and NO LIMIT to the number of VIP Income Centers you can own!

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10. Do I Need To Use A Different Name, Username & Email Address?

You do NOT need to use a different Email Address for each new Account, you ONLY need the USERNAME...you can simply add a number to what you have as your first Username. Example if the Username you have for your original Account is 'MyName' you can choose to add the number '2' and have 'MyName2' as the Username for your 2nd Account.

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