11. Are There Any Restrictions To Creating New Income Centers?

NO, there are no restrictions. However, you MUST only create a new Account if you intend to support the growth of the network under it so that it can not only build you a secondary Matrix income but it will earn you enough to cover your 2nd Account $5 Quaterly subscription.

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12. What Happens If Any Of My Accounts Does Not Renew the Quarterly (every 3 months) Subscription?

If you have an Account Subscription that is not renewed on your RENEWAL DATE, you may lose that Income Center when the System does COMPRESSION during Matrix Income calculation. This would be a permanent loss. 

For the reason mentioned above, we very strongly suggest that if you create an Account or an extra Account you do all you can to help it grow to be able to cover your next Quarterly Subscription, at the very least. Once you do that there is not much else to be worried about.

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13. Will You Be Adding New Products And/Or Services As We Grow?

Yes, absolutely. We are going to be constantly on the look out for new, exciting Products that our Members can find useful for their journey to Success.
We invite our Members to suggest any new Products that could be added to our line up. Our research Team will give careful consideration and make a decision after that.


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14. Most MLM-type Business Come And Go In Less Than A Year. Can I Count On MoneyMakerMatrix To Be Here For The Long Term?

A resounding YES! We have been around this block a number of times and we understand the need to give our Members a more than temporary solution to their financial needs. It makes little sense to have Affiliates constantly running around looking for great, long term opportunities. 

Rest assured that everything we do going forward is not only designed to give YOU the best chance at achieving significant success but also an opportunity you can count on for the long term. You are in good hands.

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